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Staying active during during winter months


Don't let the winter weather keep you down. Get out and enjoy mother nature with our top rated ice cleats. Whether your an outdoor enthusiast who is looking for a high quality ice cleat or a senior who can't take the chance of slipping on ice our ice cleats are your answer. Go enjoy that winter run with confidence knowing your that you have plenty of traction on ice and snow with our top rated ice cleat. Spiky's are also easy to tuck in your purse or jacket pocket and quick and easy to put on as you never know when your going to encounter some in-climate weather and need some more more traction when walking from your car to your house or work. It's important to get out and get exercise during the winter months and having a high quality pair of ice cleats is a great way to ensure that your able.

​Im a firefighter would your ice cleats fit over my large bunker boots?

YES! We have a specially made pair of our Spiky Ice cleats that will fit over such a large boot. We know how important such a product is when your spraying water in sub freezing temperatures. Our model #103 Size XL is what is most fireman request. Please inquire for more [...]

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​How come you guys don't sell packages of replacement studs for your ice cleats?

Having studs pop out of the product is just not a chronic problem for us. Thats an issue that arrises from manufacturing a rubber harness with weak rubber. It's also a way to get an easy additional 6 bucks out of the customer who just paid 25 bucks on an ice cleat they [...]

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Why do we not see your Spiky Ice Cleats in most retailer stores?

Retailers have a general rule of thumb that they go off of most times and thats that they will rarely stock an item that they can not make 100 mark up on. This is very easy to do when you buying very inexpensive products from China. Our product is German engineered and manufactured [...]

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​Forecasting and preparing for Ice Storms

For those of you that don't want to be caught in the dark when the next ice storm hits I strongly recommend becoming familiar with the SPIA index. This index is to ice storms what what the Fujita Scale is to tornadoes and the Saffir-Simposon Scale is to hurricanes. This warning system can [...]

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What makes Spiky Ice Cleats different than other products that look very similar?

It comes down to the two key components, the quality of the rubber and the quality of the steel studs. Ice Cleats made with poor quality rubber will not hold up in freezing temperatures. The rubber must be able to do a good job of holding the stud in the rivet or the [...]

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