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​How come you guys don't sell packages of replacement studs for your ice cleats?


Having studs pop out of the product is just not a chronic problem for us. Thats an issue that arrises from manufacturing a rubber harness with weak rubber. It's also a way to get an easy additional 6 bucks out of the customer who just paid 25 bucks on an ice cleat they thought was going to hold up. Would you buy cheap tires for your daughters or your parents car? No becuase precious cargo is riding on them. Same goes for ice cleats, your buying these products to give you protection from falling on ice and snow. Your buying them so you or your loved ones don't break a hip or have one of your employees file a workers comp claim. A product with missing or worn down studs is going to give a false sense of security, it's even worse than wearing nothing at all. A product that can't retain its elasticity and slips off the shoe or boot while walking or running is going to act as a tripping hazard.    

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