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What makes Spiky Ice Cleats different than other products that look very similar?


It comes down to the two key components, the quality of the rubber and the quality of the steel studs. Ice Cleats made with poor quality rubber will not hold up in freezing temperatures. The rubber must be able to do a good job of holding the stud in the rivet or the studs will pop out after just a couple uses. This is the number one complaint I hear about similar looking ice cleats. Besides for just holding the steel stud in place the rubber must be able to withstand being pulled and stretched over the shoe or boot repeatedly in freezing temperatures. Rubber that is of poor quality will snap and will lose it's elasticity eventually leading to a product that won't stay on your sneaker or boot. Bottom line is that rubber is not rubber. We pride ourselves on the quality of the rubber we use. Our manufacturer is well known and also produces tires for race cars.

The second key component to a high quality ice cleat is the quality of the steel stud. A poor quality steel will wear down very quickly. Once the stud is worn down there is no traction and the user becomes at risk for slipping on the ice. Our studs are made of Widia steel, the highest quality steel on the market. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for those next pair of ice cleats. We held the patent for 27 years and several products look similar, just remember if they don't say Spiky Ice Cleats then they aren't the original.  

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