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Why do we not see your Spiky Ice Cleats in most retailer stores?


Retailers have a general rule of thumb that they go off of most times and thats that they will rarely stock an item that they can not make 100 mark up on. This is very easy to do when you buying very inexpensive products from China. Our product is German engineered and manufactured in the European Union. It's a high quality industrial strength product made for people that work in icy snowy conditions and rely on them day in and day out. It does not cost 2 dollars to manufacture a high quality product and because of this if we were to sell to most retail stores and they were to attempt to sell our ice cleats at 100 percent mark up they would simply be too expensive for most people to buy. If your looking for a stocking stuffer that your going to get 1 use out of then by all means go to your local big box store and you will see a entire selection of ice cleats that all look very similar. But as I mentioned in my prior blog posts your really end up getting what you pay for. Our product is made of the highest quality rubber harness which does a great job of holding the steel spikes in and the spikes themselves are made from Widia steel. It's not uncommon for folks to get many many winter seasons out of a single pair our spiky ice cleats and thats what we pride ourselves on. Quality. Thats us.

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