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Employee Footwear for Ice and Snow

If you have employees that work outside during the winter months than you know how much of a challenge it can be to keep your employees safe and productive.  Slip and falls in the workplace hurt everyone.  This results in lawsuits, worker comp claims, unpaid wages and lost productivity for the employer.  It can be a real nightmare for everyone involved.  When turning to a solution to protect workers in ice and snowy conditions it's important to think critically about the winter footwear products that are currently on the market.  Many are more geared toward the retail consumer and not truly made for the user that is depending on them to be able to do their job day in and day out.  Employers and employees need an ice cleat that is both durable and heavy duty, something that is going to get them through the winter season.  Spiky Ice cleats have been providing an industrial strength ice cleat to the workplace for over 45 years.  We utilize a high quality rubber for our harness and trademarked Widia steel for our steel studs.  It's a product you can depend on and a product we stand behind.  We utilize one of the highest quality rubbers on the market manufactured by one of the worlds leading tire manufactures.  It retains it's elasticity after being stretched day in and day out.  The rubber also does an excellent job of holding the steel stud in place in it's rivet. Don't turn to a retail product to keep your employees safe this winter, supply them with the gear that will keep them safe and productive throughout the winter season.  

What makes our product different than others on the market?  


Quality Rubber Harness

 A low quality rubber will do a poor job of holding the steel stud in it's rivet.  This is perhaps the biggest complaint I hear regarding ice cleats found in retail stores, If the studs falls out of the rubber harness then the ice cleat is not providing any protection.  A high quality rubber will do a far superior job of securing the steel stud in place which is critical.  A high quality rubber will also maintain it's elasticity after being stretched on and off hundreds of times in sub freezing temperatures.  A low quality rubber harness can also cause for a loose fitting product creating a tripping hazard.  It's important that the ice cleat fits snuggly around the footwear and stays on properly.   


Trademarked Widia Steel Studs

Our ice cleats utilize German Widia steel studs which are far stronger than Tungston or Carbide which many similar looking cleats use.  The difference being that these studs will not wear down and deteriorate nearly as fast as most retail quality ice cleats on the market.  If the stud is worn down it's not providing any protection, so a high quality steel is critical for a industrial strength ice cleat.  This is important to keep in mind as it's usually a combination of ice, snow and concrete that employees are working on during the winter months. 


Keep your employees safe this winter season with an industrial strength ice cleat 


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