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Ice Cleats & Firefighting


Do your Ice Cleats fit over Fireman's bunker boots?

Yes, The high quality rubber we use  is able to stretch and accomadate large oversized bunker boots.  We do recommend going with the Spiky Sling Model for sizes 16 and up.   A critcal product when spraying water in sub freezing tempertures.   


 Top Quality Rubber 

*Our ice cleats are manufactured by a well known German tire company.  

*A high grade Rubber is imperative when creating an ice cleat for the industrial user.  The rubber harness will be pulled on and off of the footwear hundreds of times throughout the season, low grade rubber will lose it's integrity and ability to stretch resulting in a loose fitting cleat.  The cleat must be able to fit snuggly and tightly on the footwear so as not to create a tripping hazard. 

*A high grade rubber is critical in low temperatures where it can become brittle, fracture and break when stretched.

*A high grade rubber will do a far superior job of holding the steel stud in it's rivet.  Cleats that use lesser quality rubber will  result in missing or lost studs as they will be prone to dislocation.    


Trademarked Widia Steel Studs 

*Spiky and Spiky Plus Ice cleats utilize Trademarked Widia Steel Studs 

*While working on snow and ice it is typically a slushy mix  of concrete, ice and snow.  Any hard surface is sure to wear down any steel stud.  Simply put, our studs will not wear as fast.  They hold up far longer than Tungston or Carbide which many other similar products on the market have implemented in their products. 



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