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Industrial Strength


For over 45 years Russell Associates has been importing and distributing German engineered ice cleats for industrial use.  As the original patent holder of the product we pride ourselves on having the highest quality ice cleat on the market.  What makes our product industrial strength?  The two key components of the product, the high quality rubber and our Trademarked Widia Steel studs.

Our Ice cleats utilize  a top quality rubber from a well known tire manufacturer.  This is critical for creating a harness that will both hold the steel studs in place and maintain it's elasticity after being stretched hundreds of times in sub freezing temperatures.  A low quality rubber harness will not do a good job of holding the steel stud in it's rivet and they will dislocate after only a couple uses.  A ice cleat with missing studs is not giving any protection to the user.   A low quality rubber will also lose it's elasticity and not stay on the footwear properly creating a tripping hazard.  
Trademarked Widia Steel Studs
Our product utilizes German Widia steel studs which are far stronger than Tungston or Carbide which many similar looking ice cleats have incorporated in their products.  The difference being that our studs will not wear down nearly as fast as other products on the market.  They are truly industrial strength in quality.  If the stud is worn down it can provide a false sense of security, as it's providing little to no protection to the user.   A high quality steel is critical for an ice cleat which can perform in the industrial segment.    



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