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Spiky and Spiky-Plus Ice Cleats

Spiky and Spiky-Plus ice cleats work on the same principal as studded snow tires. Small steel spikes are set into button-on type studs which penetrate ice and packed snow providing positive no-slip gripping. The perforations in the rubber permit greater stretchability and comfort. Once Spiky snow cleats are on they stay in place and the once-piece stretch construction means No Straps or Buckles to fasten. They can be folded up carried in your pocket when not being worn. Spiky and Spiky Plus provide proven slip protection on ice and snow using the Best Quality Materials and construction. With no buckles or fasteners, Spiky and Spiky-Plus ice cleats are lightweight and easy to put on and remove.

Spiky and Spiky-Plus Material Specifications

Rubber Harness:
Made from from one of the largest rubber companies in Europe, Spiky products use only the highest grade rubber in the world. Why is this important? The ice cleat will be pulled on and off over a shoe hundreds of times through out a season and often times in sub-below temperatures. Lesser quality rubber will not maintain it's stretch-ability, will dry rott and the studs will not be able to be held into place often times falling out after just a single use or two.

Steel Spikes:
Isn't a steel stud a steel stud? When walking or running on ice we are often put in a situation of stepping on both concrete, ice and snow. A lessor quality steel stud will hold up just fine if only used on ice and snow but will wear down almost instantly when used on concrete. Spiky studs utilize Widia steel spikes by Krupp steel Co. Meaning they will not wear down nearly as fast as the metals used in other ice cleats on the market.


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